I was a wife and a mother in 1994 and at the age of 27 I never thought I had a eating disorder. Eating disorders were for teenagers– not someone over the age of twenty. But, I did.

I had gone to my family doctor for panic attacks for a long period of time and he prescribed me Xanax. Each time I had gone to him I would have to get weighed. I started out being 130 which was fine with me because I am 5′ 5 1/2.”

By the time I reached 100lbs and addicted to Xanax I was put into a hospital. I made one little mistake and that little mistake saved my life. My doctor asked me a question. A question I thought I had the right answer to How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription or thought that everyone felt like me. He asked me If I wanted to die, and I of course said “yes”. Before I knew it I was being 302 into the hospital. (302 means that someone can commit Buy Xanax Online you into a hospital if they think you are a harm to yourself or to others).

Before I knew it I was in a mental hospital and in the eating disorder unit. They were telling me that I had a eating disorder, and of course I was denying it the whole time. Doctors and nurses were coming in asking me questions taking my blood and I just wanted to go home to my little girl she needed me.

As much as I thought my daughter needed me she did not need a mother who was addicted to Xanax and who is Anorexic. I owed it to her and my husband to get better and get out.

The first morning and every other morning after that we had to get weighed in our gowns. We would get weighed backwards so we would not see the scale go up. I remember the doctors telling me that they wanted me to be 115lbs in order for them to release me. I also remember thinking “yeah right”

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