If you love football games,

 and would like to start betting on it, I strongly recommend you bet on college football games. It is fun and at the same a lucrative sport game to make a bet. Unlike NFL football which is ideal for professional business men, college football is a great for those people who are just starting to make a bet. When it comes to betting on college football, t is more of having a business attitude, meaning even if you are not as experts as those betting on NFL as long as you are business minded and well educated about the game, you can surely earn lots of winnings. Here’s the how you could bet on college football easily.You can bet on college football, commonly, in three options, namely “point spread”, over/under” or the “money line bet” . It is your choice which type of bet you make. Keep in mind that wagering on sports is only legal in Las Vegas and Atlantic City but you can put your wager instead in an online sports betting site if you are not residents in the said places. College citibet horse racing review football consists of several games to make a bet. Select a game to bet on, and make sure that you are available that day to watch the game. Your watching will surely be more adrenaline pumping and thrilling! Just like with any other sports betting, you have to make a little research on the teams. You can read the newspaper’s sports section, watch ESPN or browse the internet. The more you are knowledgeable and updated about the game, the more you can make a right decision when it comes to betting. Betting on the point spread means betting against betting on the spread made by the oddsmaker ensure that both teams received the same amount of wagers. Point Spread are also known as betting lines. Let’s say the odds makers have listed the point spread as Michigan 3 ½ Notre Dame (Michigan is favored to win by 3 ½ points). If you bet on Michigan, they must win by four points for you to win; if you bet on Notre Dame they must lose by three points or fewer or win the game outright.If you bet on the college football Over/ Under or also known as total, means you have to bet whether the combined points scored by the both teams will be over or under the total set by the sportsbook. For instance, a sports book has the ‘total’ for the Michigan vs. Notre Dame Game at 38. If the two teams combined score is 39 or more points, those who bet ‘over’ will win while ‘under’ wagers would lose. However, if the two competing teams points fewer than 38 points, those who bet ‘under’ would win while ‘over’ wagers would lose. If the final combined total points fell on exactly 38 points, both ‘over’ and ‘under’ bets would be graded as a ‘push’ resulting in bets being ‘no actioned’.While betting on moneyline, means placing your money on the team which is likely to win (favorite team) or which team is to lose the game (underdog team). Favorite team is sign by a positive symbol while the Underdog team is sign by a negative symbol. If the line is listed as Notre Dame +160 Michigan -160, then a $100 bet on Notre Dame will pay $160 if Notre Dame wins and a $160 bet on Michigan will pay $100 if Michigan wins.

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