Sweet buffets have appeal to weddings worldwide. From the joy and happiness, to the sugar rushes and highs, best cbd pre rolls candy buffets are a stylish addition to the wedding dessert. Also popular for wedding favours, provide your guests with glassine bags to fill up, or colorful striped bags for a retro look.

Most brides provide a candy buffet in addition to the traditional wedding cake. Colour coordinate your candy and look for sweets that will enhance the overall tone of your wedding. For example, a gummy bear is perfect for a casual affair and a champagne truffle works well with a formal celebration. Plan to have 5-8 different sweet varieties and mix the flavours and textures to keep it stylish and your guests’ palates happy! A sweet table can add up in cost fairly quickly so work out your budget before charging into the candy store. Chocolate is considerably more than sugar based candy and handmade sweets are pricier than ready made sweets. You’ll also need to include shipping costs when comparing online bulk suppliers. Another portion of the costs comes from the table display. You’ll want to have your sweet buffet looking beautiful and picture-perfect so you’ll need linens, containers, scoops, candy bags and labels.


– How much should you buy? Anywhere from 85-170 grams per person is a safe assumption. best cbd pre rolls
– Brides on a budget should note that most guests prefer scrumptious, high-quality sweets instead of fancy smancy packaging.
– Always taste the sweets before placing your order.
– Avoid an outdoor sweet buffet in warm/hot weather. The sweets will stick together and the chocolate will melt
– Ask your photographer to take lots of photos of the table!

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