What is the City on a Hill season 3 plot?

City on a Hill is set in 1990s Boston and is about the unlikely alliance between Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward and corrupt FBI agent Jackie Rohr as they try to do what’s right, despite their varying perspectives on what that may be. You can watch movies free and also you can download seasons like City on a Hill Season 3 on 4khotvideo.

Here is the official synopsis for City on a Hill season 3:

“Season three of City on a Hill brings us to Boston’s high society, Beacon Hill. Having left the FBI and thrown his badge into Boston Harbor, Jackie Rohr lands a lavish new gig running security for a wealthy family. Life is good until secrets begin to unravel. When an investigation opens, ADA Decourcy Ward sees an opportunity to finally rip out the machinery perpetuating a broken criminal justice system. Siobhan Quays, representing a construction worker who was severely injured on the Big Dig, encounters the city’s corruption first-hand, all while coping with the traumatic events of her past year. As Jenny Rohr can attest, given her history with her father, some experiences will haunt you beyond your breaking point.”

City on a Hill season 3 episodes

Here are the synopses for City on a Hill season 3 episodes:

City on a Hill season 3 episode 1, “Gods and Monsters”:

“Jackie gets a job offer but has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Decourcy receives bad news which lands him back in Brooklyn. Siobhan takes on a case against a construction colossus. Jenny volunteers at a community center.”

City on a Hill season 3 episode 2, “A Program of Complete Disaster”

“When Victoria runs away from home, Jackie tries to find her. Caysen seeks justice for a Strike Force member. Decourcy is in Brooklyn looking after his father while Siobhan experiences an array of symptoms. Diarmuid tries to help Jenny.”

City on a Hill season 3 episode 3, “Speak When You’re Angry”

“Decourcy takes on a case involving a murdered police officer and recruits the help of Caysen. As the Drydens try to solve their Victoria problem, the Rohrs drop Benedetta off for her freshman year at NYU.”


City on a Hill season 3 episode 4, “Ugly, Like I Said”

“As Jackie continues his fling with Letitia Dryden, Jenny sets out to get her husband reinstated in the FBI. The pressure on Decourcy mounts when a colleague competing for the position of DA lands a conviction. Caysen testifies at the federal trial of Tony Suferin and is blindsided by the consequences. A threatening interaction offers Siobhan a sense of what exactly she is up against in her fight for the Mendoza family.”

City on a Hill season 3 episode 5, “Take Me Home”

“With the evidence against Sinclair Dryden piling up, Jackie takes action. As Decourcy fights to prove Curtis Whitaker’s innocence, Caysen entertains a compromise. Siobhan makes headway in her case but then suffers a setback.”

City on a Hill season 3 episode 6, “Tenderness”

“Jackie shows a glimpse of vulnerability when a violent attack stalls the Dryden investigation, but Decourcy presses on, tracking down a list of Sinclair’s potential victims.”

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