Each town in America has seen its share of drug problems, like any other part of the country, but while many people consider drugs like meth, cocaine or heroin to be the biggest problem, the silent epidemic of prescription drugs has settled in.

Many people are under the assumption that if it comes from a doctor that it automatically must be safer than street drugs. However, the drug-related emergency room visits and fatalities are now favoring the prescription side throughout the United States.

One of the reasons is of course the belief that pills in a bottle are less dangerous, but also Get Xanax Online the pharmaceutical marketing campaigns and prescription-happy medical community have as much shared responsibility as do the perceptions of consumers.

Just one Buy Xanax Online indicator is the fact that state and federal budgets for public assistance programs, such as Medicaid, have been heavily burdened by the cost of prescription drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry has spent over $200 million each of the last four years in lobbying efforts, which is more than any other industry, and it’s hard to watch television or read a magazine without being exposed to ads for the latest drugs. The top revenue-producing drugs in America have become antipsychotics, due to these marketing and lobbying efforts, the number of prescriptions given and the high prices of these medications. With total prescription drug sales topping $300 billion in 2010, it seems their formula for profit seems to be working for them.

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