French Bulldogs are gorgeous pet dogs that a lot of people would like to have. This is because this breed is so entertaining and playful, that there’s never a dull moment whenever they’re around. Both adults and kids love their ever-so-cute appearance. Although they can tickle you with their funny antics, this type of bulldog (they are just one variety of the bulldog breed) is a devoted companion you can truly rely on French bulldogs for sale. You will genuinely savor the joy and excitement of having a good friend once you have a Frenchy as your pet. Gone are the days where you feel lonely and empty of not having someone endearing to brighten your day.

You need to be careful when choosing or purchasing a bulldog puppy to avoid any personality and illnesses problems on your pet later on. It’s best that you get them only from certified breeders. These experts are sure to offer you quality puppies and will even offer you advice on how to properly nurture and groom your chosen pet. So you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth, since you’ll have a wonderful and healthy bulldog puppy to keep.

Owning French Bulldogs as pets comes with responsibilities too, for they can be stubborn at times. In order for you to have an uncomplicated relationship with your pet, you must learn to train them with the use of commands and signs. This method will make them easily behave and acknowledge you as its owner. Try to master these sign and command techniques so they can diligently follow those things that you want them to do. Daily practice is recommended so you’ll attain effective coaching results. Avoid being impatient, for this will ruin the training and will drive your pet to becoming more stubborn.

Take note that bulldogs require extra patience and understanding from you as their owner since they are known to be mulish dogs. They need more human interaction because once they are denied this, they will instantly feel gloomy and ignored. Always make an effort to share with them your time and attention. You can cheer them up and make them feel appreciated by presenting them with some treats the moment they followed your command. You won’t regret giving them your love and care since they will return it with a rock-solid loyalty.

Another great thing about having this type of dog is they have no issue mingling with other breeds; therefore you can have a bulldog and a terrier together in your family. This proves that they don’t have an aggressive nature. Yet be warned that once you try to hurt them, they will immediately avoid your company. The secret to nurturing amazing French Bulldog pets is through interaction, both physically and emotionally. It is essential you start training your bulldog puppy as soon as you bring them home. Training your bulldog puppy takes a great deal of patience. So before getting your puppy make sure you are up to the task. When training your puppy keep in mind that your bulldog is like all other animals that are pack animals and are use to following the leader of the pack. Just remember you are the leader of the pack.

As soon as you bring your puppy home, you must immediately start with potty training and house breaking your pet. The best way to house train your bulldog is the crate method. Make sure the crate is large enough for the dog to move around in comfortably, you also want to be sure the dog has room to lie down. You want to line half of the crate with newspaper. You want to place the crate in an area where the bulldog does not feel restricted from the family. Observe the area where your dog has done their business, usually they keep going back to the same spot. Soon you may see that you can cut down on the amount of paper you put down.

Anyone who has ever owned a bulldog knows how very stubborn they can be. Therefore you must be just as stubborn. If you don’t like the behavior your dog is exhibiting be sure you give him a loud firm NO! If they are chewing on something replace it with something they are allowed to chew. They are just like babies so treat them like one.

As cute as your puppy may be nipping and biting should never be tolerated. You must tell them NO immediately. Next you want to teach your puppy the commands of sit, stay and down and come. It will take many hours of repetition to teach your bulldog to follow these commands. They will be followed by many firm NO’S but in the long run very worthwhile.

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