Guide to Choosing the right Puppy For your Family

You are finally entertaining the idea of adding a four legged member to your family but every member of your family wants a different breed of canine. Deciding on a breed of canine may seem like a daunting task at first but here are a few tips to help you when generating this very important decision. Remember patience is key!Poodle Puppies For Sale in Louisiana | Princess Puppies

The first step to narrow down your search is to find out whether any member of family members is allergic to dog’s fur. If this is the case, then you will have to only entertain breeds with hair such as the yorkshire terrier, maltese, poodle, wheaten terrier, bichon frise, havanese etc. Dogs with hair do not produce as much dander as dogs with dog’s fur and therefore are more unlikely that to awaken up allergies.
The second step is to realize why every family member wants the dog and what they would manage to doing with the dog. Our four legged friends can be watchdogs, playful companions, exercise buddies or just simply lapdogs or lazy couch potatoes (bulldogs anyone? ). The main issue you need to address here is the exercise requirements. If everyone wants 14 to roughhouse with in order to exercise/play with then you miniature poodle puppies for sale near me definitely want to drive towards a more agile and fitness pup. If no one wants the duty of taking the dog on long walks or try really hard to entertaining the dog with quality play and exercise time then you want to turn your focus to dogs that need very little physical exercise.

The third step is to decide whether you will want purebred or a mixed breed pup. While choosing a purebred seems to be the most predictable option (as every purebred pup has their own breed personalities), going with the new “designer breeds” may be as viable an option as a purebred because they are on purpose mixed and therefore their temperaments can be believed almost as perfectly as a purebred’s nature. Understand though that every dog has their own unique personality regardless of breed, size or gender and it is wise to interact with your puppy before you purchase him or her.

The fourth step is to determine whether you want to buy a puppy or adopt 14. Ultimately this is
a selection you will have to make on your own and it will be based on your own preference. However, the key question is whether you will want puppy or an adult dog. If you have young children, it may be wise to get a young puppy (under 12 months of age) due to the fact that a puppy is a lot more trainable as of this age and is not come across any ill treatment or abuse that would in a harmful way affect the nature of the puppy. The main concern here is the dog’s personality.

Other factors that may contribute to a better result for you and your family are smaller concerns yet somehow will help make everyone happier with the new addition. These include how much shedding would be tolerated and what size or small of a dog everyone could handle.

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