How to Find the Perfect Movie to Download and Watch?

Okay, So you’ve decided you want to try this new “movie downloading” concept everybody’s been talking about. You might already know exactly what movie you want to download. You might have a long list of movies that you prepared for the day you’d start downloading movies. You might have a friend with a really good taste that would know exactly what to recommend. But then again, you might just know that you want to watch a good movie and have no idea what you want it to be.

If that’s the case, what would probably happen is you would log on to your favorite movie downloading site and start browsing through the long list of options. Should it be a Comedy? A Drama? a Thriller? There are so many options and so many titles that seem tempting but would probably confuse you more than anything else.

This is a good reason to use all the useful information the internet has to offer. The internet is full of great movie sites, review sites, blockbuster charts and so on. All of which can help you make the best out of your movie downloading experience. With this quick guide to the best information resources online, you should be able to go off and find the perfect movie for you, and even have quite some fun while you’re searching.

So where should you start?

The first site you’d want to go to is the Internet Movie Database – This site has it all. On the first page you can already get a quick idea about the different current blockbusters, as well as new movies out and new DVDs. The next step is searching for specific movies. You can simply run a search about one of the titles you found while searching your movie downloads site. Once you get to the movie’s page you can read a summery of the movie, read a couple of reviews, check out the cast and crew and take a look at the user rating meter. This page would usually have anything you might need to know about any movie.
Still on another option is running a search on a movie that you’ve already seen and liked. IMDB offers a great service of recommendations for other movies you might like according to the movie you searched. Just run a search, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out those recommendations, each recommendation links you to the page of the selected movie, where you can again find all the information you need about it.

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Another good site is, where you would again find all the basic information about the movie you searched but also find many useful reviews about it, each from a different source and a different critic. There are other good sites that link you to various movie reviews, such as the Movie Review Query Engine
If all of that doesn’t work, you can always take a look at the discussion boards the aforementioned sites have to offer and see what movies all the movie downloading experts are talking about.
And so, with a few good tools, and just a little practice, not only can you find any movie you might want in the movie downloading sites, but you can also find and be exposed to so many other movies that you probably wouldn’t have even found in your local video store.

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