Congratulations on being asked to return for a second job interview. If you are still interested in working for this company, then you must let them know. A well written thank you letter leaves a lasting impression for your interviewers. Hopefully you stated your desire to work for them at the end of your interview.

If you were interviewed by more than one person, then send a thank you letter to each person who interviewed you. You will want to write something different to each person, because your interviewers may share what you wrote with each other.

Here is what you want to include in your thank you letter:


  • The words thank you, of course.Start your letter with those words.
  • Write why you are interested in the job opportunity. Talk about the growth of the company, or their new product. Say something about the company or the position itself that you are excited about.
  • Write how your skills fit the job.Be sure to remind the interviewer that you have the skills they are looking for. Choose the top two skills that the interviewer seem to focus most questions around, or that you felt were most emphasized during your interview.


Let the interviewer know that you are pay for essay reddit looking forward to hearing from him. Do not say that you are, “anxious” to hear from him. That is an expression we use, but it is not a word to use in an interview situation. Anxious means you are stressed and you do not want to come across as desperate for the job. When the interviewer feels you are desperate for the job, you lose points immediately and can end up getting knocked out of the running for the position.

Say that you are excited, very interested, looking forward to hearing from them. Remember that your thank you should be specific, and yet short and to the point. The interviewers have your resume, they asked you many questions and you have had two interviews. Your thank you letter is not the time to go on and on and write an essay about yourself!


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