Even as an accountant or a medical doctor you come across circumstances that need the use of a wrench. An example of these circumstances occur when your vehicle gets a flat wheel and no garage is within reach; this obviously calls for availability of a wrench to aid in changing the wheel and continue with the journey. The issue of the type of wrench one also comes in here. The traditional electronic wrenches require a lot of energy from the user. Some people especially the women may not be able to work with these spanners since they require a lot of physical energy, which many do not have. Even with the men, this manual wrench will be a waste of time. The solution to this whole problem is Milwaukee HD18HIW, a cordless impact wrench complete with an internal battery. The wrench is fast and does not require a lot of energy from the user compared to the traditional wrenches.

Features and Most Suitable Applications At A Look

Milwaukee HD18HIW comes with two 3.0Ah batteries. This means that the wrench does not rely on electricity to run. This feature makes the wrench most appropriate for people traveling wrong distances outside town. In case of a flat tyre, they can be able to change the tyre with minimal effort and less time wastage. The batteries also make Milwaukee HD18HIW most appropriate tool for construction works in construction sites with no power connection or in those with power connection but prone to constant power interruptions. The battery ensures continuity of work and early completion of work.Lag Bolt Pilot hole size

Milwaukee HD18HIW is a lightweight tool; this feature enables the user to work with the tool for longer hours with less or no fatigue. The light weight also enables the user to work with the tool in dangerous places like lifted or inclined surfaces. Being lightweight, the user can operate with one hand and secure them with the other hand.

Milwaukee HD18HIW has a variable speed, which makes it the perfect tool for projects with varying tightening and loosening works. Different size of nuts and bolts require different tightening speeds to avoid damaging the bolts threads. One is able to regulate the speed of tightening depending on the needs of the work.

Milwaukee HD18HIW has a soft grip handle. The handle makes it easier to work with this power tool; one is able to work with it for long without their hands developing blisters. The soft grip also ensures the safety of the user; the tool cannot slip during use. Any slip could cause injury to the user, damage to the work being worked on and damage to the nut and bolt.

Why Should You Go With the Milwaukee HD18HIW

Milwaukee HD18HIW comes with a three-year warranty. The warranty is a surreality of the durability of the tool. The device also comes with a charger, two batteries and a carrying case; these definitely give the buyer value for his or her money.



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