It appears Mexico with its 120 million population is considering getting into the lucrative aviation manufacturing sector. Of course this will mean that they must acquire some expertise and some trading partners to sell to once they build these aircraft. Mexico is looking to team up with the Ukraine to make this happen. Vicenti Fox. Mexico’s President met with the Ukraine and offered to build the An-140. Also to do major repairs there as well. The An-140 is a twin engine turbo prop aircraft used primarily for passengers and cargo; although it has also been used in an AWCS configuration for military and security purposes in Russia.

In addition to working on the An-140 Mexico also discussed with President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko the possibility of building and or repairing the Mi Helicopters for the Ukraine. Mexico is sending its team of aviation  news Ukraine  specialists to the Ukraine to look into manufacturing new parts, spare parts, fuselages and wing assemblies as well as setting up certified repair stations. The Ukrainian President announced the two countries may draft an agreement to protect their investments and relief for problems with double taxation.

This agreement does not affect the United States in anyway, but the Mi Helicopter series does include the Mi-24, makes sense for such a design. Not so sure this is a good piece of news for the Department of Homeland Security? That is rather close to our already leaking borders. Although some say that it might keep workers in Mexico and out of our country. Currently there are estimated some 15 million plus illegal aliens from Mexico in the US and the number grows each day.


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