Promotion Through Classified Ads – Boost To The Internet Business

Times of India is the most popular news daily of the print media and enjoys largest readership amongst all the newspapers. Still a large section of the newspaper on weekends is devoted to classified ads which in other way promote the newspaper in return. This is because to go through the classifieds, the non readers are forced to buy the news paper. Another point of consideration is that even if a classified advertisement in itself may not generate much revenue but the cumulative effect is incredible. These classifieds are cheap on advertiser’s pocket and give substantial returns to the promoter.

Similarly classified ads are important for  free classified ads posting sites  giving boost to the internet business. These ads are submitted on the relevant web-pages according to the nature of business. These ads are generally posted as free classifieds in the beginning and then the response is studied as per the clicks that each classified receives. This in turn decide the free classified placement into the paid up advertisement category or in the drop-out category.

These are one of the easiest and affordable business revenue generators as the price paid for a single classified ad is very low as compared to the chances of revenue generation. Irrespective of the nature of business, whether it’s a service or product oriented, the advertiser is bound to get promoted through these free classified ads.

Classifieds once placed are under constant scrutiny and are studied in respect to the number of visitors and number of revenue generators, respectively. Classified ads’ success rate is largely dependent up on the tag line of ad and inclusion of effective keywords in the tag-line.

To take a site to the top of the search engines, work towards building links by using paid classified ad submissions. When the search robots locate the classified ad on the very first page of the major search engine then they visit right away to index the site.

Main drawback of the new site owners is that they lack appropriate meta-tags and the search engines can’t locate them due to this deficiency. Hence designing and drafting a site is not all that is required to promote business through classifieds. In fact building creditable back-links is equally important. This enables the site to be seen by the relevant visitors.

lways make sure to write a catchy title of any Classified advertisement. They are judged amongst numerous other classified ads of same category. Until unless they are not able to attract the visitor’s click, the whole purpose of placing that ad is lost.

Another important aspect of classified ad is that has to be essentially short in crispy words. Words have to be selected in a way that they attract people in that particular niche.

Classifieds are supposed to be informative in least possible words. Actually Classifieds are just a fraction of an actual advertisement therefore words and possibly pictures are carefully selected and framed in such a manner that they yield maximum response in least possible time.

There are numerous classified sites which are available for free posting of your classifieds or even at nominal cost. Such sites have numerous relevant visitors who log on to find a suitable match for their search. One can place the classifieds on such sites either almost free or with little or nominal cost. These sites work up on to promote the desired business on Internet marketing network. Moreover, it is a risk-free so the advertiser is supposed to earn profits without any tensions.

However, there are certain points to be considered to attract people by advertising on that site. As classified ads are low costing ads, so people o not pay much attention to its designing and drafting. This certainly makes the ad look inferior amongst other ads.

The ad world is based on glitter and glamour. When ads are not designed appropriately then they fail to attract desired customers and hence less business generation. And when the desired response is not generated then the whole purpose of placing the advertisement is lost. Job half done is equivalent to no-job done because the purpose of classified ad placement is defeated.

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