Quit Smoking Weed, Never to Turn Back!

Unlike heroin or cocaine or some other drug, pot is not chemically addictive, such that there is no exact physical craving that happens when you do not take the drug – it is all just a matter of thinking. Pot in reality does not affect brain receptors responsible for addiction. In contrast to “hard drugs”, pot induces psychological addiction – there is the unexplainable wish to return and feel again the sensation of being “high” in marijuana. The bad news is, it can make you resistant to the effects of the drug. Thus, in order to return to that phase of being “high”, the concentration of marijuana ingested has to increase at the same time to overpass the previous effects of marijuana. Because of this, the smoking progresses from a simple action done out of curiosity to one that is habitual in nature. gras online kaufen Add to that, friends who also engage in the same activity increases the tendency for addiction to occur, since it becomes a pastime for them. Thus, peer pressure plus psychological propensity equals addiction per se.

Again, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to quit smoking marijuana without experiencing the dreaded suffering of craving for the substance especially at the withdrawal stage. Reminder: the addiction linked with marijuana is psychological, not chemical. Thus, willpower and determination are enough measures to counterpart the addictive effects of the drug. This, however, is not an easy task, since the habit may have run deep especially in those who have been smoking for years. In trying to muster willpower, most quitters are faced with anxiety and depression especially when they find themselves giving in once again to the habit. This could be because most marijuana addicts find the effects of weed to be soothing and comforting; doing the opposite would therefore imply the counter effects of anxiety and depression. Most people resolve to finding alternatives for the habit, but then nothing beats the power of having a strong determination to stop and never turn back.

So how to quit smoking as early as possible? Make a step to start and begin now – it won’t matter how many times you have fallen, but as long as the determination to pursue the goal is present, there is no problem to difficult at all. When one fails again, start again. Never give up your vision to live a marijuana-free life. Realize that it is not a craving, rather, it is just a simple want. It is not a need, it is something you can always live without. So start right there, and go on until you have reached the finish line. A prize of longer life, that for you, your loved ones and your friends, await you at the bend!

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