No matter what kind of web site you have, traffic is important to you. Even if you only have a hobby site, you want to make sure your message gets to the world. If you are trying to generate serious income online, then your Product sales will likely live or die based on how much traffic your web site gets. This is important for every online business, not just those involved with online affiliate marketing.

In the early days of the internet, word of mouth was the primary method of getting traffic to your web site. Along came search engines, and a bunch of ever-changing techniques to get high page ranking so anyone searching for your site will see your information on the first page or so. Since then, a number of other methods of gaining attention of the public have evolved, many of them relying on paid advertising. One free method, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still alive and well, as are the search engines.

As hinted about above, there are เว็บตรง numerous ways to generate traffic for your site, but that isn’t the primary focus of this article. Be aware, however, that there isn’t just one “best way” to generate traffic to your web site, and you may need to implement several of them to have a truly effective presence on the internet.

The importance of increased traffic for building your web business cannot be over-emphasized. Without traffic, your web site is only taking up space and depleting your bank account. Web sites don’t necessarily generate income for you directly, as there are several uses for web sites.

Sales pages, a shopping cart and payment processor are all important if you wish to do direct selling online, and there are many web sites that are created just to sell the product or products. For this sort of site, traffic can be directly measured through sales. More sales generally mean you are getting more visitors.

If you have a support site, you are probably not directly generating much income directly with the site, but you are building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Both mean repeat business and word of mouth referrals, which increases the value of your bottom line. With a decent FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section or online knowledge base, many customers can solve their problem without resorting to expensive (for you) one-on-one telephone support.

Even if you are only hosting a hobby or vanity site, additional traffic to your site will result in more notoriety for you or trust in your capabilities, and help you to spread the word and knowledge of your hobby.


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