Homeowners having trouble making their mortgage payment may be eligible for a Wilshire Credit Corporation loan modification with Obama’s government plan.  The lender is one of the approved banks who can offer the very aggressive loan terms under this federal program.  If you are at risk of losing your home, or facing a financial hardship that is causing your current mortgage payment to be unaffordable, find out the details of how this plan works and how you can apply for help.Can You Get a Business Loan with Low Revenue? - Fora Financial Blog

Wilshire Credit Corporation has signed an agreement with the Treasury Department that allows them to actually get paid to modify loans using the standard criteria of the federal program corporate loan low interest.  Each loan that is successfully modified using this criteria will qualify the bank to receive an incentive payment, that is a big reason for homeowners to apply now because the bank is very motivated to help as many borrowers as possible stay in their home.

What are the basic requirements for homeowners to be eligible for this federal plan called Home Affordable Modification?  There are 5 basic guidelines you must meet before you can submit your formal application:

You must live in the home as your principal residenceYour loan must have been initiated before January 1, 2009Loan amount must be less than $729,750Current payment must equal greater than 31% of your gross monthly income (including your property taxes, homeowners insurance and any homeowners dues)You must be facing a financial hardship situation-due to lower income, greater expenses or other acceptable reason

Once your pass the initial questionnaire, you will be asked to submit an application that includes your financial information.  You will have to prepare a financial statement or budget that details your monthly income and expenses.  This is very important-you must prepare your forms correctly so that you clearly prove you are a good candidate for a loan modification.  You should work on this form before you call the lender-you do not want to be caught off guard and unprepared when you have your lender on the phone.  Take the time to learn the program guidelines and work on your forms ahead of time so you can make the necessary adjustments and increase your chances of approval.Wilshire Credit Corporation will use the standard methods of loan modification set forth by the government to lower your mortgage payment to the new target payment.  First, they will reduce the interest rate to as low as 2%, then they will extend your loan term to 40 years, and finally they may defer or forgive part of the principal balance.  The goal is to achieve a new payment that equals just 31% of your gross monthly income.  Your new target payment will be affordable now and in the future, and enable you to be able to stay in your home.

If you are facing difficulties and at risk of losing your home, you need to begin the  loan modification process now.  This government program enacted by President Obama is available for a limited time and funded by $75 billion in stimulus money.  Do not miss your chance for the help you need and deserve.  Make sure you understand how to apply and qualify so you have the best chance of success.

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